(Update, October 2009.) Adeona depends on the availability of a separate service, OpenDHT. On July 1, OpenDHT was taken down. We have taken the opportunity to set up OpenDHT again on PlanetLab, under our administration. However, we are still testing our OpenDHT infrastructure. Therefore, at this time we are not encouraging new downloads of Adeona.

Frequently Asked Questions

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  1. What alternatives exist?
  2. What makes Adeona unique?
  3. What is the state of the Adeona code?
  4. Is Adeona only useful for laptops? What about desktops, iPhones, etc.?
  5. How can we trust the security and privacy of Adeona?
  6. How do I install?
  7. Can I install this on my girlfriend or boyfriend's computer and track her or him, and perhaps get pictures of them while they're doing certain activites?
  8. How do I know if the Adeona client is running?
  9. I run Zone Alarm on Windows or Little Snitch on OS X. What type of network connections should I see coming from Adeona?
  10. I'm behind a corporate firewall, will Adeona work? What ports need to be open?
  11. I use a filesystem backup utility. How does this affect my Adeona client state ( .cst ) file?
  12. How often does the Adeona client send location updates?
  13. How long do these location updates stay in OpenDHT?
  14. How do I remove Adeona?
  15. Wait a second --- why have you made it easy to uninstall the Adeona client?
  16. What if a thief removes the software, reinstalls the OS or doesn't connect to the Internet?
  17. How do I do a retrieve?
  18. Can I perform retrievals from other computers?
  19. What information is included in a location update?
  20. What else can I do to help make sure I can recover my lost or stolen laptop?
  21. How do you take the photos on Macs?
  22. If I install the Apple OS X version that takes pictures with the built-in iSight camera, will the green light on the camera turn on when the pictures are being taken?
  23. Is it safe to do retrievals even when my device is still in my possession?
  24. What should I do once I do a retrieve and find the location (IP address) of my laptop or a picture of a thief?
  25. I want to know the geographical locations visited by my laptop. How can I do this?
  26. What if OpenDHT goes down?
  27. Could a company adopt your techniques?
  28. Why is my password being passed as a command line parameter to the initialize and retrieval programs?
  29. Are there any things you might change in the Adeona system, perhaps for future versions?
  30. What else could Adeona be made to do in the future?
  31. What software tools did you use to create the Adeona OS X and Windows packages?

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