Please read the following important message

Thank you all for your interest in Adeona.

Please note that Adeona is an ongoing project and research prototype.

Adeona depends on OpenDHT, which runs on PlanetLab. OpenDHT has been experiencing some problems. We are working on a new, still privacy-respecting version, that does not depend on OpenDHT/PlanetLab. It may take some time to have this solution in place. In the meantime, if you would like to show support for the OpenDHT project, please visit its website or send an e-mail to the OpenDHT mailing list at if you notice problems.

For now, we apologize for the problems with using Adeona, stemming from the problems with OpenDHT, but we look forward to the new version being out as soon as possible. If you would like to receive announcements about Adeona, please subscribe to our RSS feed available on the main page and throughout the website.

Thank you for your patience, The Adeona Team

Windows XP/Vista Installation Guide

  1. After clicking on the AdeonaSetup.exe icon, you will see this installer screen. Note that you need administrator privileges to install Adeona.
    Windows Install Step Screenshot
  2. Select whether you want to install the Adeona Client and/or the Adeona recovery tools. If you are installing the tracking client, leave both checked, and click next. Proceed to step 3 below.

    Otherwise, if you are just going to perform retrieval, and do not want the client installed to run on the current system, then uncheck the "Adeona Client" option and click next to proceed through the rest of the installation of the retrieval tools.
    Windows Install Step Screenshot
  3. Select the destination directory for the installation. Default is C:\Program Files\Adeona
    Windows Install Step Screenshot
  4. By clicking next, the programs will be installed. Assuming you've installed the Adeona Client, the installer will prompt you for a password for encrypting the new client instance's owner retrieval credentials. This password need not be the same as your account password. Enter the same password twice.
    Windows Install Step Screenshot
  5. A terminal window will appear while the Adeona Client is initialized and executed. Press any key to clear the window once this process completes. Finally, you'll see the following screen. On your desktop, you will now see your private Adeona retrieval credentials. The credentials within this file are encrypted with the Adeona password you specified in the previous step. Please save this file on another machine ( or e-mail it to yourself ) so that you can use it in the event the your laptop is lost or stolen.
    Windows Install Step Screenshot